Golfer Dismas Indiza on his own as Kenya Open nears

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020 00:00 |
Mumias’ long-hitting professional golfer Dismas Indiza.

Mumias’ long-hitting professional golfer Dismas Indiza is desperate for better preparations ahead of the Magical Kenya Open to be played on November 12-15 at the Karen Country Club. 

Indiza’s preparation efforts are in shambles as his home course , Mumias,  has been abandoned and for him to enjoy a round of golf, he has to drive to Kakamega, 40kms away,  to access a decent course.  

“Mumias golf course is a forest. There are no players here. We relied on having the company’s managers playing but no one plays now due to the Covid-19 restrictions so the course has not been maintained,” said Indiza.  

“I had to use my own money to clear 350 yards on the range and maintain one of the greens just to have a place I can practice my swings and putts. 

A round of golf takes me to Kakamega, where I have to cover 80kms for that. 

“The other courses are Kitale, 120kms away or Nandi and Eldoret which are even further,” said Indiza, adding that driving to those courses has proved expensive for him so he does not do it as often as he would want to. 

The 51-year-old won the 2019/20 Safari Tour despite topping in just two events in the series and was ready to make the cut and boost his chances of playing in the European Senior Tour.  

He had received an invitation to play in a Senior Tour event in South Africa alongside other events in the Sunshine Tour. 

“Safari Tour had prepared us very well and I was going for the cut. It was very competitive as we played against other professionals from the region.

This time round,  we are lacking that due to the restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19. 

I am planning to travel to Nairobi this week and see if i can play a few tournaments of golf as I anticipate the rumoured return of Safari Tour.

We are still waiting for official communication on that, “ he added.  

According to the golfer, the Johnnie Walker sponsorship in last year’s Kenya Open and the Safari Tour put him under pressure to deliver. 

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