Going alone? Speaker Muturi weighs in on political coalitions ahead of 2022 polls

Sunday, July 11th, 2021 18:15 |
The speaker of the national assembly Justin Muturi. PHOTO/COURTESY
The speaker of the national assembly Justin Muturi. PHOTO/COURTESY

The speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has said that political coalitions should be formed on basis of integrity and desire by all parties to uphold values of good governance.

Speaking at St John the Apostle ACK church Kanyuambora in Mbeere North Subcounty Muturi said politicians making coalitions should not be motivated by plans to subdivide political seats among themselves.

Muturi who was responding to a question on whether he is hunting for coalitions from other leaders drawn from different parties he said it's okay for political parties to form coalitions if they find it worth coalitions.

"It's not just enough to say that you are coalescing, the coalitions should be people-driven. It's good for politicians and political parties to meet and form coalitions, but you must have the people," he stated.

The speaker said he is not looking for any coalitions but noted if there will be a need for him to form any coalition, he will engage those with a high level of integrity.

He said first he will traverse the country to meet the locals and inform the people what he intends to do once elected the president of the country.

Further he dismissed claims that he has been plotted by certain people to vie for president.

He said he is past being someone project and that he is vying for presidency like any other candidate.

He said he don't need to be pushed by anybody to vie for the presidency noting that he will sell his manifesto to the electorate and his scorecard in the docket he has held before.

Speaker Muturi has urged Kenyans to ignore the narrative that has been there that particular names should rigger in minds of Kenyans in every election.

"We cannot have every time when it comes to election especially the seat of a president some names should be dominant, this seat is for everybody and that is why I made an announcement that I will be vying for president," he said.

He also blamed politicians who have been castigating clergy whenever they are corrected or held into account for misuse of public resources.

The third in command (church) should be at the forefront in holding accountable politicians over public funds and resources.

"I will also insist that the church has a big role to fight corruption and ensure public resources are utilized appropriately," he stated.

Reacting to Raila Odinga's statement that a referendum can be held anytime before the next general election, Muturi termed that as an impossibility considering that one of the parties in the BBI case at the court of appeal could head to the Supreme Court after it will be vindicated on August.

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