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Get to the bottom of Kisii police killing

Thursday, December 24th, 2020 00:00 |

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The senseless killing of a man by a security officer at the Kisii police station has exposed the dangers of mindless brutality that continues abetted by disciplined services.

It was reported that the man had visited the station to inquire the fate of a relative who had been arrested for violating curfew laws.

However, the man was confronted by the officer who clobbered him and left him with fatal injuries.

That innocent citizens continue to face cruelty and loss of lives in the hands of the very people mandated to protect their lives and property is disturbing and must be addressed urgently and the culprits punished.

It must be noted that the station at which the man was killed has lately gained notoriety for brutality against residents mainly fuelled by impunity by police officers.

Many questions abound about the latest brutal killing. Why didn’t the officer, whom we understand is senior, arrest and detain the suspect without resorting to brutal force? 

Granted, there have been reports that the deceased was in a group that had raided the station.

Was the fatal beating the only way out of the situation? Was the suspected killer’s life in danger?

Best practices show that crime levels reduce in jurisdictions where police cultivate and win cooperation of the local community.

The Kisii case, and indeed many others countrywide, completely undermines this policing tenet and the result is an exponential surge in crime.

Many reasons have been advanced for such police misconduct, but there is consensus that such behaviour is massaged and protected by impunity. 

Our investigations reveal that at least 15 station commanders are under investigation for offences including kidnapping, enforced disappearances, sodomy, fraud and collusion with criminal cartels.

Over 100 others are facing corruption and disciplinary offences.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has indicated the Kisii case will be investigated and action taken against the concerned officer.

He also warned citizens against raiding police stations.  But even as we welcome the probe, we maintain that there cannot be any justification for such a senseless loss of life.

It is also apparent that the Independent Police Oversight Authority is sleeping on the job.

As we await the results of the investigations, we urge authorities to weed out rotten eggs from the service and ensure justice for victims of police brutality. 

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