General Badi declares public toilets within Nairobi free to use

Friday, May 14th, 2021 10:15 |
NMS Director General Mohamed Badi
NMS Director General Mohamed Badi
NMS Director General Mohamed Badi

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has shut down all public toilets within the Nairobi CBD.

The directive from the entity that runs city operations was issued on Thursday, May 13 after several groups disagreed on the management of the toilets.

Through notices pinned on the doors of several of the facilities at OTC, National Archives, Koja and Accra Road, the decision was arrived at over security concerns. 

Police and NMS officers raided the toilets and sent the persons manning and collecting cash at the toilets away. Nairobians who were their to answer to a call of nature were also sent away. 

According to NMS, one group wrote accusing the other of failing to remit funds meant for mainatance of the facilities. 

The clashing groups also failed to agree on the transition of power since a new management was poised to take over in September 2021.

"The process should be done in a manner that will guarantee peace, harmony and social existence. 

"It should also be compliant with the law governing the way public contracts are awarded,” a letter written to NMS by one of the groups read.

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