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Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 00:00 |
The pricing gets steeper with the addition of shoes and accessories.

The Peloton bike has considerable benefits that can beat pocket-friendly gym classes in the long run.

It is a piece of equipment that will keep you fit and healthy as long as you are committed.

Peloton instructors are renowned motivators, and after a while, you should eventually find a go-to instructor.

There are at least five new cycling classes posted per day and an archive of all previously recorded classes available on demand.

Each class has a different difficulty level. The difficulty of the ride changes depending on your cadence, which is the speed of your legs and resistance.

That is, how tough it is to pedal. The instructor will let you know when to increase or bring down the resistance. You can also use indicators on the screen.

When you want to take off a day from cycling, you can do yoga, meditation, cardio, strength and Pilates.

It is convenient to use the bike as you only log in to your account, pick a class and pedal for at least half an hour.

That saves one having to go to the gym, which to some can be losing time in traffic or avoiding unfavourable weather.

Also there’s not having to wait in the gym for someone to get off the equipment to use.

With the Peloton at one’s disposal, their workout is at their time and convenience.

Peloton has gamified the workout experience to keep one motivated and have fun while exercising.

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There is a leader board for each class that shows you where you stand amongst other riders. That should inspire one to be competitive and track their progress.

One can join an existing group or create their own. It is a great way to compete with friends and hold each other accountable.

These groups, each represented with a hashtag, can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. 

Peloton’s bike is a well-built machine. The seat and screen can be adjusted easily, and feel sturdy.

However, the bike is quite expensive, selling from about Sh210,500. It gets costlier with the addition of shoes and accessories.

With the monthly subscription, you can add everyone in your household for free.

Without the subscription fee, you can’t log in to your account or take any classes. The tech equipment becomes simply a stationary bike.

If you want to have fun while working out, the Peloton bike is a worthwhile recommendation for a long-term investment.

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