Fukuza Mapepo hit maker Visita is sick and can’t pay rent, he’s now begging for help

Thursday, May 6th, 2021 22:10 |

Musician and producer Visita who's real name is Nixon Wesonga, needs medical and financial assistance. This appeal was made by rapper Fena Gitu who took to Twitter to urge fans and followers to assist in the contribution process.

The post on Twitter read; "I'm in a group chat for an artist's medical and rent arrears; a man who has churned out massive bangers throughout the years for this country, and it really breaks my heart to think that this thing we dedicate our entire livelihood to, can have such little reward.

"Visita is unwell, waiting on details to share, to help any way we can."

Fena also shared a pay bill number that fans can use to send their donations. Visita is famous for songs like Fimbo Chapaa and Mapepo. He was also the man behind hit songs like Chali Stinji, Fukuza Mapepo, Maswali Ya Polisi among others.

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