Frustrated Migori Youth coach quits

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020 00:00 |
Robert Ojienda.

Migori Youth FC head coach Robert Ojienda has resigned citing frustrations and unrealistic targets by the club’s management.

 Ojienda’s quitting came  even before the team kicks the ball in the 2020/2021 Betika National Super League season after their weekend match against Ushuru FC was postponed.

“On Monday, l officially parted ways with Migori Youth. It was nice working with you on your reporting duty while serving the team,” Ojienda broke the news to People Sport.

Asked what led to his exit, Ojienda said that he felt  he was not in a position to bring change the club management is looking for.

 “The target and the pressure they’re giving to the current squad is unrealistic. Considering we only have three players from last season’s squad.

Coming to this season, we have a new team which must be given more time to grow with achievable targets,” said Ojienda.

 He cited further frustration and unnecessary criticism in the pre-season friendlies he played, saying  the management belittled him.

 “All the management wants promotion to the premier league, forgetting that the same players don’t even have boots needed to play.

Secondly, they are not considering the fact that this is a new team with new faces  in  the entire defence line,” added the Dutch master, as coach Ojienda is commonly referred to.

 Ojienda will be remembered for leading Migori Youth, which has been perennially fighting relegation, to a fifth place finish for the first time in the club’s history. 

He was named coach of the month and his side named the best team of the month in October last year.

 “I joined Migori Youth when they were in position 19 and quickly turned things around.

They soon ended up as the best scoring side with my striker Clinton Okoth winning top scorer award in the 2019/2020 season,” recalls the Dutch master. 

 Ojienda says he will take a short break from coaching and start a mentoring  programme in his rural home to support upcoming coaches who have not had the opportunity to train and handle teams, especially young side with the key objective of encouraging each club in Nyakach sub-county to start junior teams right from U12, U14, and U17.

 “I want to go into mentorship and concentrate on the age groups with a long-term plan because it’s only through this that we can even support the growth of our game right from grassroots, an area we have not done well generally as a nation. 

I am very happy l shared this with Nyakach sub-county federation  and they welcomed the idea,” said Ojienda.

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