From Nakuru streets to KCSE hall of fame

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 00:00 |
Ronny Otieno,19, who scored a B- (minus) in the KCSE exam at Langalanga Secondary School in Nakuru celebrates with colleagues. Otieno is a former street boy. Photo/PD/Raphael Munge

At one period in their childhood, Stephen Ndirangu and Ronny Otieno had all but lost hope of ever completing their education.

Not that it did no cross their mind. But the circumstances that they found themselves in – living in the streets of Nakuru – did not give them the time or luxury to indulge in such seemingly lofty dreams.

Which is why for the two, the results of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams released on Monday marked an unlikely milestone in their lives. 

“I am so happy about the results. It is a move in the right direction for my career goals and in life which at some point seemed bleak,” said Ndirangu, who scored a B- (minus) in the exam. 

The Langalanga Secondary School alumnus said he found himself in the streets hawking coffee at the age of 11 after his aunt, who he was living with, died.  

“I was passionate about my studies but all seemed lost when my aunt passed on.

I was lucky to join Street Children’s Assistance for Nakuru Networks (SCANN) who gave me a platform and I did well,” said Ndirangu, who wants to pursue a career in engineering.

Second chance

He was referring to the SCANN, which gives street children, including Ndirangu and Otieno, a second chance at education and in life.

Otieno, who also scored a B- (minus) of 57 points, said he was grateful to God for the good results.

The 19-year-old student was brought up by his aunt who was struggling financially. His academic dreams appeared to be headed nowhere until he was enrolled in the sponsorship programme thanks to his impressive performance in primary school.

Otieno’s main motivation is to see to it that his aunt and grandmother live a better life.

“I wanted to pursue medicine but I have not met the required points. I will find another course but at the moment I’m happy,” said Otieno.

SCANN officer in charge Abdul Omweno said the performance of the two was sufficient reward for the organisation. 

“These results are great bearing in mind the situation we found the boys in. I want to thank all those involved in this success,” said Omweno.

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