Fredrick Banja:A leader with a heart of gold

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 00:00 |
Fredrick Banja

After our ground survey on the ground and intelligent reports, many now believe that Fredrick Banja is the man to make a difference in Bondo constituency. We sat down with him for an exclusive interview to know his plans for baba's hometown.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Fredrick Banja. I was born in Bondo constituency Siaya county. I was raised in Warianda village, Central Sakwa ward.

With the high rate of unemployment currently in Kenya security challenges are bound to follow. What are some of the measures you are going to take to handle this matter?

I am going to increase jobs in Bondo by encouraging cottage industries within households and and to also increase self employment/self empowerment projects that would help and teach the youths in matters of entrepreneurship.

How are you going to improve the health sector in Bondo?

Together with the county government of Siaya and other stake holders, we will endeavour to open up more health facilities in Bondo so that every citizen in Bondo can have access to quality affordable health care. Health facilities are very important and I'll ensure every health facility in Bondo has quality equipment and drugs.

What are you planning to do for the education sector in Bondo?

My leadership will work towards increasing the number of schools and vocational institutions in Bondo and ensure that students have the necessary equipment that they need to learn in a conducive environment. Ensuring quality education for every child in Bondo is important because the children of Bondo are our future.

How often do you intend to give out CDF bursary funds?

I believe that education is key and very important in every child's life. Being a firm believer in education. I will give out bursary to every child that deserves it for every student deserves to go to school and have a good future.

Lately majority of Kenyans feel that the boychild has been neglected what are you planning to do to curb this issue?

I intend to empower the boychild by ensuring that boys are no longer neglected. I will ensure that more boys enrol in schools. We will also have several trainings that will teach young boys and men how to empower themselves from an early age. I have already started several youth empowerments projects even before being MP and I will be able to do so much more once my people give me the opportunity.

What are you planning to do for people in the informal sector/juakali sector?

We will plan as part of the CDF to donate working equipment and to get them as much financial support as possible.

How many self-help groups do you intend to open?

We intend to open many innovation centres as well as business inoculation centres especially for men, women and the youth.

How are you going to improve water supply and sanitation in Bondo?

We will work with other stakeholders and government agencies to ensure that every home has access to clean water and electricity as well. I will also ensure that Bondo is named the cleanest and most industrialised constituency in Western Kenya.

Many believe that you are going to make a huge difference in Bondo constituency once you get this seat. What do you want people to know you for once you’re in office?

I want to help as many people as possible. I would love to leave a huge legacy for my people. I want to be known to be the voice of the voiceless na mtetezi wa wanyonge in the mind and hearts of my people. While in office I want to be remembered for touching lives and making a difference in Bondo constituency.

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