Former President Moi was not dictator, say allies

Thursday, February 6th, 2020 00:00 |
Westlands MP Fred Gumo with former Internal Security minister Zakayo Cheruiyot at Kabarnet Gardens in Nairobi yesterday after condoling with the family of former President Daniel Moi. Photo/PD/TABITHA MBATIA

The late former President Daniel Moi was the last strongman of Africa and not a dictator.  

Former Permanent Secretary Zakayo Cheruiyot and Ministers Henry Kosgey, Fred Gumo, Sally Koskei, and Ali Mwakwere, have refuted claims that Moi was a dictator.

“If there is any President who enjoyed being in a position of power, it is President Moi. Because he was always with the ordinary people.”

“Some people say he was a dictator; a dictator does not move and meet people on the roadside, dictators sit in the office and never go around, meet people or go to church,” Gumo, a former Regional Development Minister said. He said  Moi’s tough rule was ignited by the 1982 aborted coup.

“When a coup comes, those people plan to kill you, they do not plan to laugh with you and when you manage to overpower them, you have to tame them, he only tamed them and the country was calm,” Gumo added.

Another ally of the late Moi, former powerful Permanent Secretary in charge of Provincial Administration and Internal Security Zakayo Cheruiyot termed him the last strongman of Africa.

Hate tribalism

“He was the last strongman of Africa and not what people talk of benevolent dictators, he believed in the rule of law and he understood the strength and weaknesses of all tribes,” he said. 

Cheruiyot said Moi has left a united nation and that was the best legacy.

“I honour him,” he said.

Gumo mourned Moi as his political mentor and godfather who instilled leadership values that sustained him long in his political career.

“Being a close ally, the late Mzee was a very kind man, liked everybody and Kenya. He always worked for unity and wanted all communities to be together, he hated tribalism,” he said.

“He is a man who was so human and a true Christian and not like some politicians who go to church for votes, he went to church because he liked God, he never drank water without praying and that shows how holy he was,” he added.

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