Form 3 boy fakes his kidnapping, calls family for ransom

Saturday, January 9th, 2021 16:19 |
Crime scene. Photo/Courtesy

Police in Meru have busted a form three boy who faked his kidnapping and started demanding ransom for his 'release'.

The lad is said to have colluded with others to fake his kidnapping and make calls to his parents and relatives for a ransom after which his 'freedom' could be secured.

Sleuths from the Directive of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said the boy caused suffering to his family noting that the family lives in poverty.

Detectives, however, busted the boy at Nkubu town where he is said to have been passing time waiting for the money to be sent.

Following the alleged kidnapping of a form three student from a renowned school in Meru, detectives embarked on an...

Posted by Directorate of Criminal Investigations - DCI on Saturday, 9 January 2021

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