Ford Kenya wrangles: Simiyu moves to Court of Appeal

Thursday, September 24th, 2020 22:01 |

Ford Kenya secretary General Eseli Simuyu has told those in the celebratory mood following the High Court ruling by Justice James Makau that it was not yet over since his side had moved to the court of Appeal challenging the ruling.

He said the case that was before Justice Makau, whose  ruling was delivered today was based on a preliminary objection to the jurisdictions of the High Court in listening and determining the Ford Kenya leadership dispute and not as misconstrued by the Moses Wetangula led faction had so far believed to be a win.

"In essence, the ruling by Justice Makau overturned the powers of Political Parties Disputes Tribunal and allowed the High Court to handle the political parties disputes as the first court of instance,not just in the Ford Kenya dispute but in other future political disputes," he said.

He said the High Court usurped the powers of the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal and rendered it useless, adding that the  ruling does not however, grant the former Ford Kenya party leader Mr.Moses Wetangula the party as alleged by his surrogates and blind followers.

Speaking to the People Daily in an exclusive interview, Dr. Eseli who is also the National Assembly’s deputy minority whip said the  case of Moses Wetangula versus the Registrar of Political Parties has not yet begun.

"The former PL has a case to prove that he was unfairly removed as the Ford Kenya party leader by 44 NEC members.The conservatory orders he obtained that has been protecting him  being officially ejected from the party were only extended by today's ruling also," he said,

He added that the orders  that were issued by the political parties tribunal that barred the Bungoma Senator  from contacting or transacting any business on behalf of Ford Kenya party were still in force.

In the Trans Nzoia’s Ford Kenya bedrock, mixed reactions greeted the ruling with Motosiet ward representative Bernard Muganda Alian’ana leading Wetangulas followers in celebrating the victory

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