Football legend calls for support of partially blind Imbalambala

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 00:00 |
Former AFC Leopards captain and Harambee Stars player Martin Imbalambala in previous action. Photo/PD/WEBSTER NYANDIKA

As well-wishers and individuals turn out to support the partially blind and broke former AFC Leopards and Harambee Stars defender Martin Imbalambala , football legend Meshack Luchendo came out strongly to challenge authorities to recognise and support former sportsmen.

Speaking to People Sport from his Shiagungu village in Sinyalu, Kakamega county, Luchendo who played alongside the late Joe Kadenge, Jonathan Niva, Daniel Anyanzwa among others for Abaluyia Football club and Harambee Stars, sympathised with the sorry state of Imbalambala which he said  indicates lack of recognition of sports heroes and heroines.

”I am very disappointed by this case of a young player who still has many years to play and provide for his young family and with many accolades, suffering just like an ordinary person.

It paints a bad picture on our local leadership both in the national government, county governments and the federation,” he said.

He added: “Imbalambala is a well-known figure in this country as far as football is concerned.

He should be assisted so that he can regain his eyesight and resume playing football, because he is capable of playing for another 10 years or more.”

Luchendo who played under the famous Elijah Lidonde and previously served as a councillor Kakamega before the introduction of devolution system has in the meantime appealed to the Vihiga County Government to assist Imbalambala not only by catering for his treatment but secure an employment for him just the way the Kisii County did to former international Henry Motego.

The former Kenyan striker, called upon the players who are currently active in the sport to learn how to invest and also plan well for their future after retiring from football and keep in their minds that there is life after football.

“During our days we played out of passion with very little allowances but we realized the importance of exploiting other avenues.

That is how we had a soft landing and can still enjoy our life up to this moment,’’ he said.

Imbambala case comes shortly after another soccer star Noah Wafula currently with Nzoia fc making a similar appeal to the well-wishers to come and support him in catering for medical bills for cancer treatment.

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