Football Kenya Federation polls: Mule hits out at Ohaga

Monday, August 17th, 2020 00:00 |
Former AFC Leopards Chairman Dan Mule.

Barry Silah

As Football Kenya Federation Electoral Board plans for elections after setting out a roadmap last week, the process is still attracting heat from other presidential contenders. 

However in a press statement, former AFC Leopards Chairman Dan Mule has accused the Sports Disputes Tribunal of being “beneficiaries in the confusion.” 

 Mule warned that any further delays could lead to football in the country taking a complete dip. 

 He took issue with SDT chairman John Ohaga whohe  blames for fuelling the chaos at the moment because of personal issues with the federation.

“It is not shocking that some contestants will always choose to run to Ohaga to try and stop the elections.

Ohaga has some scores to settle with FKF after the FKF President called him out over his conduct in handling the FKF Elections’ cases,” he said.

No capacity

 He added: “But even as he does that, someone needs to remind Ohaga that he nullified the first elections claiming the electoral code was not subjected to public participation.

FKF abided by that ruling and went ahead to conduct stakeholders’ participation with all these aspirants invited to the meetings.”

 Mule accused some petitioners of having a score to settle after losing in branch elections in March.

“What is more baffling is the fact that Amos Otieno who is the advocate of the petitioners, contested in the FKF Nairobi County elections and lost (fairly) to George Onyango.

Another member, Bashir Hussein who has also filed a different petition at the SDT, contested and lost the Nairobi West county elections.

This is why as sore losers they will do anything to complicate the elections process.”

 Contestants like former FKF President Sam Nyamweya, ex-Cecafa boss Nicholas Musonye and former FKF Vice-President Sammy Shollei accuse incumbent Nick Mwendwa of using underhand means to influence the workings and independence of the electoral board that operates at Kandanda House. 

 However Mule says the contestants do not have the capacity to unseat Mwendwa.

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