Food expert warns against an impending food shortage

Monday, June 8th, 2020 08:40 |

Chairman for Food Bank Kenya Moses Nyoro says that low production of food in the country is attributable to heightened flooding, locusts invasion coupled with Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking while distributing food to a children home in Kiambu and Nairobi as the organization to commemorate 2nd World Food Safety Day, Nyoro urged the government to collaborate with organizations in the sector to strategize the future of Kenya’s food safety.

He said that a country which relies heavily on maize, wheat, rice and Irish potatoes for food could be further hit if the economy is not opened up to allow for food importation.

The food expert cited that food safety is among the greatest development challenges facing Africa today, noting that Kenya carries the largest burden of these development challenges

“As the government works on modalities of improving food productivity, Kenyans also need to learn and change their mindset on matters of food handling. Wastage of food could be a major factor of hunger, if it ever comes and for this, we really need to be economical and avert food wastage,” he said.

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