Food boards: Back in fashion because the original picnic

Saturday, October 30th, 2021 00:00 |
Bunch of fruits.

Picnics are back in fashion. Back in fashion because the original picnic is the friends-on-a-patch-of-grass-preferably-under-a-mango-tree-snacking-away-on-the-juicy-fruit-served-fresh-by-another-friend-perched-atop-the-mango-tree set-up.

Oh, the good old days. But before we steep too long in the nostalgia, let me tell you why I endorse picnics. It’s the food boards.

They are the perfect serving that someone who makes charred food can ever come up with. That they look good and photograph better is an added boon.

All you need to make a great food board is an eye for detail, some money to buy the different ingredients needed to make your board, and a pair of hands to assemble everything on the board.

To make a cheese charcuterie board, have an assortment of hard cheeses that someone can slice, soft cheese in form of a dip, soft meats, cured meats, breadsticks, more dips for added flavours, and assorted fruits to add colour to the board.

You can make a dessert board full of all your favourite desserts. Or it could be a fruit board.

You have to remember that your board will dictate the amounts of each food you put on it, so choose your board wisely.

The other great thing about food boards is that you can go as high-end or as frugal as you need to.

You can also go all vegan, or all keto depending on the dietary plan you are on at the moment.

I especially love fruit boards as they not only look gorgeous, but are also right up my sweet-tooth alley.

Go on and make yourself a food board on your next picnic. And yes, a night on your couch with Netflix definitely counts as a picnic, and deserves a food board. All onboard say ‘Aye’.

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