Follow the law – Magoha suspends fees hike at UoN

Saturday, July 17th, 2021 16:09 |
Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha addresses the press at a past function. Photo/PD/File

Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha has suspended the radical reforms made by the University of Nairobi (UoN) a few weeks ago.

In a letter dated July 14 addressed to all Chairpersons of University and Constituent College Councils, Vice-Chancellors and Principals of Constituent Colleges, Magoha cautioned the heads of schools to follow due process when making changes in their institutions.

“Proposed reviews that necessitate abolishing/establishing positions in the governance and administrative structures of a Public University or a Constituent College especially those not envisaged in the Universities Act 2012, must comply with the necessary legal framework governing such changes,” the letter read in part.

Magoha also moved to suspend the changes until the university is given a nod to carry one with the reforms by relevant authorities.

“In the interim, any action on the proposed changes as highlighted above should be kept in abeyance pending the relevant approvals or gazettement of relevant instruments,” Magoha said.

The Education CS further directed universities which have made changes in their institutions structure to liase with his office in matters regarding the modus operandum in which the changes were arrived at and proposed structures in human resource.

Magoha also wants universities to provide his office with the new organizational structure, staff establishment, human resource policies and guidelines, council resolutions approving the changes as well as availability of budget to cater for the proposed restructuring.

A couple of weeks ago, UoN made a number of radical reforms including abolishing of offices, merging of schools functions and creation of new roles.

Five offices of the Deputy Vice-chancellors were replaced by the positions of Associate Vice-chancellors.

"We have abolished all colleges and reorganized all functions around faculties which have been reduced to eleven to avoid duplication and functional overreach,” Prof. Julia Ojiambo, the Chairperson of UoN Council said.

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