FKF electoral board could conduct polls digitally

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 00:00 |
Board chairperson Kentice Tikolo.

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) elections board is exploring ways of conducting a digital election if the Covid-19 pandemic persists.

Board chairperson Kentice Tikolo revealed this to People Sport via a telephone interview yesterday but reiterated that it was only FIFA which would give the go-ahead and timelines for the polls format and participation process. 

“This is our proposal because of the coronavirus uncertainty so really we must have a plan of action.

When we are called upon, we will be ready and good to go but with this unending situation that has affected everything, then indeed technology can be of benefit and we have to embrace it.

It has to be clear that FIFA has the final word on this even as we wait for the Appeal at the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) to be concluded soon,” she said.

FKF is running against time in what has been a divisive electoral process that has been twice cancelled by the SDT for not meeting the required threshold acceptable for a fair contest. 

However, FKF president Nick Mwendwa has maintained that he is sure the process will continue and his team would emerge victorious.

Tikolo has insisted that her office is impartial in the matter and would comprehensively follow due process.

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