FKF docks three points each from two clubs, slaps them with Sh10m fines

Monday, August 2nd, 2021 00:24 |
FKF president Nick Mwendwa. Photo/PD/RODGERS NDEGWA

A showdown looms between Kenya’s biggest clubs, Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards, and Football Kenya Federation after the governing body meted out sanctions to both for boycotting their BetKing Premier League match and their 90th Mashemeji Derby at the weekend.

The Independent Disciplinary and Appeals Committee (IDAC) docked AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia three points each besides fining them Sh6 million and Sh4 million respectively in the landmark ruling that is the first in Kenya’s football history.

To make matters worse, Gor chairman Ambrose Rachier and his AFC Leopards counterpart Dan Shikanda, who wrote to FKF on the decision to boycott  the match, have both been suspended from all football-related activities.

They had written to FKF on the eve of the derby claiming that the federation failed to give them league grants in good time and sometimes failed to remit the grants at all, an allegation the federation chiefs denied.

FKF president Nick Mwendwa said they took the action because the federation stands to pay a substantial amount in fine to the Betking PremierLeague official broadcaster StarTimes for the aborted match that was scheduled for Nyayo Stadium.

Mwendwa reiterated his earlier stand that Gor and AFC Leopards are not above the law and that their actions will set a bad precedent to smaller teams in the league.

He said the teams should have sought for a postponement within the stipulated time.

The bone of contention is the money the two teams owe FKF for the Betway Cup final besides the grants from the league sponsor BetKing.

Gor are entitled to Sh2 million for winning the championship, while Leopards are entitled to Sh1 million by virtue of being the runners-up.

Speaking in a press briefing, Mwendwa blasted the two teams for being “cry babies” and illegally demanding for the little funding the federation gets from sponsors.

“We only get Sh15 million from Betway while we use a whopping Sh37 million in the championship.

In any case both these clubs owe us money and the federation has increasingly been defending them over impending sanctions.”

Mwendwa said Gor faces sanctions from the Confederation of African Football over failure to pay a section of their former foreign players. 

As for Leopards, Mwendwa said the club is targeted for sanctions for failure to remit dues owed to their former coach Andre Cassa Mbungo as well as foreign players.

“Leopards owe us Sh200,000 while Gor came with begging bowls ahead of their continental assignments and we gave them Sh3 million. The law will continue taking its course and they should appeal if they so wish,” said Mwendwa.

 A terse speaking FKF President reiterated his earlier stance that he won’t tolerate any form of misconduct.

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Among those leaders Mali will look to for goals is Moussa Marega, whose six for Porto in the last Champions League was bettered only by Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski.  -AFP

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