FKF, badminton locked out of Nock polls

Friday, December 3rd, 2021 06:27 |

The Centre for Corporate Governance has locked out four federations from taking part at the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (Nock) elections next week.

The four federations include Football Kenya Federation (FKF) which was disbanded by the Sports Ministry three weeks ago, Badminton Kenya that has been suspended by their international federation, as well as Kenya Golf Union (KGU) and Kenya Swimming Federation which are said to be having issues of internal wrangles.

This was announced yesterday by Joshua Okumbe of the Centre for Corporate Governance who are mandated to oversee the exercise.

In the case of KGU, the federation did not transit to the new dispensation under the Sports Act of 2013, while Kenya Golf Federation transited and is the registered Golf National Sports Organisation, despite the fact that they don’t organise any golf activities locally.

“Never the less, Kenya Golf Federation is not an affiliate member of Nock. To promote inclusivity and participation of all federations, it was decided that in areas of agreement between the two federations, then the common position was adopted.

Consequently, the nomination of a candidate by KGU to vie for an elective position in the executive board was adopted since there was agreement amongst the two federations,” Okumbe said.

While making the announcement, Okumbe also said that the Sports Registrar had cleared 24 federations to participate in the elections.

However, it was not clear how Winnie Kamau an aspirant for the Executive Committee Member was cleared, despite being proposed by the Sports Dispute Tribunal which is not affiliated to Nock.

“A verification exercise was conducted by the Electoral Board, with the help of the Sports Registrar, on the 28 Nomination Forms returned from those that had expressed interest to serve in the 13 Executive Committee positions available.

The Sports Registrar has been able to provide solutions and way forward in areas of ambiguity or compliance amongst the Sports Federations. In total,the NOC-K Register of Members has 26 affiliates eligible to vote at the Electoral Congress. The Sports Registrar has provided clearance to 24 Federations to participate in the Elections.

There are two issues in two Federations Kenya Golf Union and Kenya Swimming Federation with the former not transiting to the new dispensation under Sports Act 2013 while Kenya Golf Federation is not essentially an affiliate member of NOC-K,” Okumbe said.

The Elections Board have at the same time halted the clearance of Kenya National Paralympics Committee president Agnes Oluoch who is eying the DeputyTreasurer position, for the reason that her Certificate of Good Conduct had not been submitted while Ocean Fit Swimming Coach Kenneth Musalia Karani who is angling for an Executive Committee Member position, is confirmed not cleared for the reason that his Affiliate Federation did not second him.

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