Five things used silently to judge your character

Saturday, October 5th, 2019 15:20 |
Five things used to Judge you

1. Personal appearance

Whether it is a presentation or romantic date, the first impression will always last. The first thing many people tend to look out for is how the person in question appears in terms of dressing and an impression will be made from it as a judgement to your personality. This might be used in future to recommend you or otherwise.

2. Punctuality

Whether it’s a date, meeting or job interview, first impression says a lot. Being late on these things creates a bad impression and people might think you are not serious about anything. People who are always late will more than often have an excuse and most times it’s never that concrete. Could it be the reason you never scored that job or business deal?

3. Handwriting

Handwriting is usually small, big, thin or thick. It can also be legible or illegible. It is said that people who put pressure on the pen while writing tend to be attentive, outgoing and serious on everything they commit themselves to. You are more likely to be judged as shy, naïve, modest or unassertive if your handwriting is small.

4. Music taste

Have you ever seen people who are into loud, hard, rebellious rock music? Not only will you notice their taste in music, but also how they dress. Hard rock fans often love loud music, but are mostly introverted. More often than not, this is interpreted as them seeking attention or dealing with deeper issues of the soul.

Classical and jazz music is associated with sensitive people who are viewed to be more open-minded on diverse spectrums of life. People who love upbeat music such as house, trance and hip-hop are usually extroverts and also more open to life experiences

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