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Thursday, September 12th, 2019 00:00 |
Smoked duck breast with red cabbage. Photo/PD/ FAITH KYOUMUKAMA

Mary Nafula, 45, is down with strange illness that has seen her breast swells abnormally. She’s been to various hospitals for treatment to no avail.

Her family is now calling upon well-wishers to come to their aid.

Things started going south for the mother of four in 2007 when she started experiencing little pains on her right breast.

She says she didn’t take much attention to it since she thought it was just a normal pain which would disappear.

She says her husband, Joseph Otima Okoti, took her to various hospitals in Nairobi including Kiambu County Referral hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital and Mbagathi hospital for cancer screening whose result was negative.

According to her mother, Jane Nasimiyu Sunguti, May’s condition worsens day in day out. That the breast has abnormally expanded.

“Mary is in deep pain whose cause has not been established in hospitals, so I now monitor her at home,” she told People Daily.

Nasimiyu said even though Mary keeps wailing hopelessly asking for help sometimes in the middle of the night, the humble family which is facing hard times raising money for treatment and food may not be able to foot the hospital bills if it will mean her being admitted for further attention.

She’s calling upon the County government of Trans Nzoia, area leaders and other well-wishers to assist her daughter get specialized treatment.

On his part, Mary’s father, Alfred Mukhwana Sunguti says the family is helpless because they have no one to turn to for financial assistance at the moment.

“We are asking our leaders to help us have our daughter get specialized treatment because tests show she’s not suffering from cancer.’’

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