Filipe Nyusi sworn in as president of Mozambique for second term

Thursday, January 16th, 2020 00:30 |
Filipe Nyusi (Front) delivers his inauguration speech at the Independence Square in Maputo, Mozambique, Jan. 15, 2020. (Xinhua/Israel Zefanias)


Mozambican reelected President Filipe Nyusi was sworn in for his second term on Wednesday, highlighting economic development and national peace.

   With the presence of a dozen heads of states, diplomatic delegations and thousands of guests at the inauguration, Nyusi provided in his speech a framework of the goals his government aspires to achieve in economic and social sectors.

   Recalling that in his first term the agenda was to involve the people into the national economy, Nyusi said remarkable advances have been observed in the social and cultural domains, and internationally recognized by financial agencies.

   The president admitted that in the past term there were uncontrollable constraints, including national disasters and the suspension of the National Budget support from international partners, but the impacts were duly addressed.

   "These and other adversities tested our resilience, our capacity to turn obstacles into opportunities. And we have been able not only to resist, but also to hold the hand firmly in the boat's rudder where we all find ourselves sailing," said Nyusi.

   For the next five-year period of governance, the president said that peace will be the absolute priority and the government will continue to focus on promoting peace as "a prerequisite for development."

The president said his government will further improve the business environment, fight corruption, promote agriculture toward "zero hunger", increase power availability, and boost tourism activity.

   For the next cycle of governance, "we will continue to put economic infrastructure, energy, tourism and fisheries on the central agenda. We will pay particular attention to the country's agriculture and industrialization," said Nyusi.

   In foreign policy, Nyusi emphasized on multilateralism and economic diplomacy.

   "Regional integration within SADC (Southern African Development Community) will be at the top of our agenda. We will reshape the relationship of friendship, solidarity and co-operation with African states," said Nyusi.

   Nyusi is the fourth president of republic, and the fourth head of the ruling party Frelimo, since national independence in 1975.  (Xinhua)

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