Fight Corruption – Kisii elders tell Uhuru on Madaraka Day

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 17:02 |
Fight Corruption - Kisii elders tell Uhuru on Madaraka Day celebrations

As the country celebrates 58 years since it was declared independent after several years of colonial rule by British, Abagusii Culture and Development Council chairman, Araka Matundura has urged the government to fight graft to ease the suffering of Kenyans.

“Corruption has grounded our economy. It has created poverty, led to loss of jobs, ii is an eyesore that has retarded development” Matundura told the People Daily on phone on Monday, May 31.

The official said that during the independence celebration of 1963, the founding father of the nation, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta identified three enemies- poverty, illiteracy and diseases, which he declared war on.

Araka revealed that the country has made strides in the health sector as evidenced with several health facilities but rampant corruption has affected the country’s economy and impoverished majority of Kenyans.

The chairman noted the advent of devolution had brought services closer to people but graft was hampering development at the grassroots and challenged Kenyans to concert effort to reverse it.

He noted the outbreak of Covid 19 had led to deaths, loss of jobs, suffering and appealed to the government to allocate more funds to the Ministry of Health to enhance the war against the disease.

“ I implore Kenyans to embrace the ministry of Health’s protocol of wearing masks, keep social distance and have their temperatures tested so that those with high temperatures can be referred for treatment” Matundura said.

Meanwhile, the official has appealed to Gusii leaders to forget their political differences as they celebrate the Day, unite and work together to foster development in the Gusii community.

He said it will be difficult for the community to speak in one voice and be heard in the next political dispensation if they continue fighting while other communities are uniting to have a common political direction ahead of the 2022 general election.

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