Female senators exchange blows after Ole Kina elected vice-chair of Health team

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 12:19 |
The two senators exchanged blows over the election of Ledama Ole Kina to vice-chair of House Health team.

Two nominated Senators Beatrice Kwamboka and Mary Seneta have this morning exchanged blows tearing each other's clothes over the election of Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina as vice-chair of the House Health Committee.

The melee started moments after Ole Kina was declared the winner of the contested election that pitted the Narok Senator against Seneta.

Seneta , who eased her way out of the Deputy President William Ruto’s camp, was reportedly backed by a section of committee members led by Deputy Majority Chief Whip, nominated Senator Farhiya Ali Haji.

In their endeavor to have Seneta installed as the commitee’s second in command, they allegedly forged a signature of nominated Senator Milicent Omanga.

Ms Omanga had skipped event but backed the election of Ole Kina.

The alleged forgery of the signature triggered bitter altercation between Kwamboka, who is the deputy minority leader and Seneta, leading to a physical fight that forced the meeting to end prematurely.

“You can not tell me anything , mimi ni mtu ya Raila Odinga and I am in the leadership, I will deal with you,” Kwamboka surged as she went for the neck of Mary Seneta.

“How comes I have troubles in every commitee I am elected to lead, I was elected the chair of CPAIC, I was kicked out and now vice-chair of health commitee , the powers that be are against me ,” a disappointed Ole Kina told People Daily.

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