Female MP falls prey to House committee tricks

Monday, June 29th, 2020 20:34 |
Parliament in session. Photo/PD/FILE

Female MP falls prey to House committee tricks

A female MP is counting losses after she was duped into paying an undisclosed amount of money to be appointed the chair of an influential House committee.

To her surprise some of the individuals who had promised to vote for her in exchange for money changed their mind at the last minute and backed an individual they swore they would never be caught voting for.

In the wider scheme of things, the MP was targeting three influential committees that promise lucrative returns to members, thus the intense lobbying.

MCA scares colleagues with illegal ammunition

An MCA has bought a teaser gun he uses to threaten his colleagues and perceived enemies.

The man has been carrying it around and warning people not to mess around with him.

He has become so arrogant that no one dares come close to him for fear they might be the first casualty of the gun, known to deliver electric shock to temporary disrupt muscle functions and inflict pain without necessarily causing significant injury.

Accountants connive to bleed public institutions

Public institutions, especially universities and hospitals, have been hemorrhaging millions of shillings, thanks to unscrupulous accountants who have been colluding with students and patients respectively to “clear” their pending school fees and bills from the system.

In exchange, the individuals part with a percentage of the fees or bills. The habit is said to run across many other government departments with complete abandon.

Senior cop flossing in official car irks juniors

Colleagues of a senior police officer in the Mount Kenya region are up in arms over his habit of using the only official vehicle to move around with his girlfriends.

Street Talk has learnt that the police officer uses the vehicle to ferry women he is involved in illicit affairs with to Nairobi. His juniors are forced to walk or use boda bodas to move around.

The junior officers claim they are unable to respond to emergencies because of this, leading to a surge in crime in the area.

It is alleged that the perpetual habits has been mentioned within the top echelons of the department.

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