Father seeks justice after his two children mysterious death in mother’s hands

Monday, August 24th, 2020 00:00 |
pg 14 Ruiru Sub County Police Commander Phineas Lingera.

A man from Githurai in Ruiru, Kiambu County  is demanding justice after his two children died in mysterious circumstances under the care of his estranged wife.

The two, a  boy and a girl aged four and nine years respectively, are reported to have died on Friday last week in unclear circumstances. 

According James Mwangi, the children were living with their mother, Caroline Mulwa, in a single-roomed house after they separated in 2018.

On Monday last week, Mwangi said he had called the wife requesting to see the children but he was told they  were at their auntie’s place in Emali, Machakos County.

On Friday, however, Mwangi says  his wife called to inform him that she had found the kids lying unconscious at their derelict house in Githurai.

“She did not inform me of their return because in our last conversation, she had indicated that they were in Emali,” noted Mwangi.

 It is the distress call that prompted him to rush to Githurai to find out their condition. 

While in Githurai, Mwangi was told that the kids had been rushed to St Johns and Penda hospitals respectively, all in Githurai 45. 

Instead of urging him to rush to the hospital, the wife told him  to go to the area chief’s office ostensibly to take him in circles. 

But Mwangi decided to rush to St John’s Hospital where his  daughter  had supposedly been taken for  treatment.

Same situation

At the hospital, the  doctor informed him that the girl was already dead by the time they got to the facility. 

The situation was the same for his son, who had been taken to a  parallel hospital  as he was pronounced dead on arrival.

It is against this background that Mwangi authorised that their bodies be taken to Kenyatta University Funeral Home and a postmortem conducted on their bodies.

Preliminary report, according to the father, dismissed the possibility of the kids having been strangled or being hit by a blunt object.

Instead, the pathologists indicated that the kids may have been poisoned. This report will be confirmed once further analysis on the  samples collected and taken to government laboratories have been concluded.

Mwangi has expressed concern that detectives involved in the case have denied him them initial death report documents claiming they are ‘government files.’

Police are reported to have told the father to wait for final autopsy reports which would take the government three months to analyse.

Mwangi also accused the police at Ruiru Police Stations of taking him in circles  hence delaying his search for justice.

“How on earth can I be denied the documents for my late children. There is something fishy about the whole thing. I will fight to unearth the mystery until my daughter and son get justice,” he said.

Detectives in Ruiru said investigations into the matter had commenced and called  for calmness. 

According to Ruiru sub-county Police Commander Phineas Lingera (pictured), they are currently awaiting the results of the postmortem to take action.

“We are urging the family to  keep calm as we wait for the results. No one has so far been arrested but investigations are ongoing very well,” he said.

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