Fashion influencer, vlogger Samantha Nyakoe talks about her bold sense of style

Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 00:00 |
Fashion influencer, vlogger Samantha Nyakoe.

Samantha Nyakoe, 23, is a fashion influencer and vlogger with a bold sense of style. She is also the owner of Closet Plug fashion line and is currently an International Relations major student at the United States International University. Nailantei Norari caught up with her to find out what makes her tick.

What does fashion and image mean to you?

I am a huge believer of ‘dressing how you want to be addressed’. Every day I dress up thinking, today could be the day my life changes; I have to look good just in case. You really never know whom you could meet.

Do you feel like your style has evolved in any way over time?

Every day is an opportunity for growth, so yes it has. I get excited at the thought of my wardrobe three or four years from now.

What gave you the idea to start Closet Plug and what do you stock? 

The usual broke girl episode in university and I found thrifting to be so easy and the people in Gikomba made it hard for me to stop, as they are ever so nice.

I only started selling high waist vintage pants to buy myself a phone, but demand grew high and my love for the art made me start Closet Plug.

Since the market has seasons, I curate what I want to stock depending on availability at the market.

You will always find blazers and beautiful vintage pants in stock though.

Which Kenyan fashion brands do you like?

I’m very big on thrifting, so I don’t really have names at the back of my mind, but I plan on exploring more Kenyan brands in the near future.

I really love BOGUK official though, I keep bragging about my designer masks to anyone who cares to listen. They have so many beautiful pieces.

Do you have a fashion pet peeve? 

I do. Untucking. I think any outfit can be saved by just a simple neat tuck.

What can’t you leave the house without? 

Earrings; I just realised I have earings for all occasions.

Which style icons both locally and internationally do you look up to? 

I love how bold the looks by Anita Nderu are. I would definitely love to pull off such outfits.

Internationally, there is this style goddess called Juliette Foxx, her style is to die for.

Best fashion advice you ever got? 

Overdressing is a myth, go all out or go home.

We are almost getting into the holidays; what fashion advise can you give us to help slay those holiday looks? 

Colour coordinate your festive outfits; it always works. Use the thematic colours of the holiday you are celebrating; Christmas, for instance, is normally red, green and white.

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