Farmers demand sacking of Munya, NCPB board

Thursday, May 7th, 2020 00:00 |
Peter Munya
Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya.

David Musundi

Farmers in Trans Nzoia county want Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya, his Principal Secretary and the entire board of the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) dismissed.

This follows alleged plans to import maize after all stocks in the silos were declared unfit for human consumption.

Under the umbrella of the Kenya National Federation of Farmers, they said  there was no emergency to warrant importation of more maize as stocks harvested last year were still in stores.

William Kimosong, the chairman of the federation,  accused the CS of misleading the country on the need to import maize from Mexico just like his predecessor did, saying the stocks of maze held by farmers are sufficient.

“We plead with the government to buy all the maize the farmers are holding from last year’s harvests and if there will be any need of importing more, then at least one million bags can be imported for precautionary purposes,’’ said  Kimosong.

Speaking to the People Daily in Kitale yesterday, Kimosong said the government’s delay in setting  maize prices and opening up of the National Cereals and Produce Board silos to empty  previous stocks in order to buy more was the reason all maize became unfit for use due to aflatoxin.

Frustrate farmers

The angry farmers maintained that the removal of Munya and his Principal Secretary from office together with the entire board of the NCPB was the only solution to the woes facing the sector.

Other farmers’ representatives including Peter Kimani, Henry Rono and David Kibii accused Munya of siding with cartels to  frustrate  farmers.

 Trans Nzoia County MP Janet Nangabo said there was no need to import maize because farmers in the region got good harvests in the last season, which needed to be utilised before thinking of importing any extra if need will arise.

“The CS and the NCPB should only think of  importation of some more maize after buying all stocks held by farmers,” she said.

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