Family, friends eulogise student doctor as brilliant and compassionate

Friday, June 18th, 2021 00:00 |
Dr Lydiah Wahura Kanyoro. Photo/COURTESY

Harriet James @harriet86jim

Friends and family members yesterday paid tribute to Doctor Lydia Wahura was found dead at the backseat of her car last Saturday.

During a memorial service held at St Andrew’s PCEA Church in Nairobi, Dr Wahura was described as a brilliant, loyal, brave and empathetic person.

 “ We are proud of her now more than ever, let no one say any different. Wahura is ours and her memory remains ours,” said her younger brother Njoroge.

He added: “She was captain and we were her lieutenants. She barked and we followed like obedient pups.

Though we had our fights, our love for each other never faded. She gave us vision and hope in the dark as the first-born. Once she was old enough, my parents followed her.”

Njoroge said Wahura always spoke with authority, a command of knowledge, compassion and a sense of not giving up.

“We never imagined that we would ever read a tribute to her as she always seemed so sure in the darkness can be life.

We never imagined that she would no longer be here telling us to take our medicine, enrolling us for vaccines, buying tickets for us to events if we couldn’t afford,” he added.

Wahura’s friend and work mate at MP Shah Hospital recalled the last moments she shared with Wahura.

Extremely thorough

“It was last week and I was covering the pediatric emergency unit while Kavui (Wahura) covered the pediatric ICU. We had just lost a patient and her first thought was the child’s mother.

She looked exhausted but comforted the mother who had lost her child. She had the gift of compassion.

She was a person of value and integrity. Her priority was always her patients at work. And was also extremely thorough in her work,” she recalled.

Mavuno Church pastor Kiama Mugambi said Wahura was an active members of the church.

“How do we come to terms with what her unspoken words were, what her personal struggle was when she made us laugh and cared for us and did so many things for us?” he asked.

Wahura was born on April 19 1986 at MP Shah Nairobi, coincidentally where she ended up working. 

She was the first-born daughter of Wilson Kanyoru Njora and Winrose Mungare.

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