Family dismisses speculation on Moi’s health as ‘fake news’

Friday, November 1st, 2019 05:55 |
Family gives update on Moi’s health
Retired President Moi passed on.

The family of former President Daniel Moi yesterday took issue with speculations over his health and assured Kenyans the retired Head of State is still undergoing treatment.

Moi’s spokesman Lee Njiru termed the speculations “gibberish” and told the media and online bloggers to only publish information verified by the family.

Talking to the People Daily on phone, Njiru said any statement not emanating from him should be treated as “hogwash”.

“Any statement about Mzee Moi’s health that has not been sanctioned by me as the Press Secretary should be treated as false and as such, from some busy-bodies,” he said.

Doctors discretion

Asked about when the former president is likely to be discharged, Njiru said that “would depend on the discretion of his doctors.”

This is the second time in a week the retired President’s family has come out to deny speculations about Moi’s health.

On Tuesday, Njiru castigated a section of the media for blowing the matter out of proportion saying Moi was indeed in hospital but “alert and conscious of his environment.”

Njiru condemned what he called “negative and alarmist” reports, saying he was being attended to by a team of medical professionals, led by his personal physician Dr David Silverstein.

“The true position is that Mzee Moi is in hospital being attended to by a professional medical team led by his personal physician. He is alert and conscious of his surroundings.”

“However, the family is at the same time displeased with the negative and alarmist reports being peddled by unfeeling individuals and consequently published by sections of the media,” reads the statement.

The statement did not disclose the nature of Moi’s ailment but sources indicated that he was being treated for breathing complications he developed last weekend.

The former Head of State was admitted to the hospital last weekend-- the second time in a month. President Uhuru Kenyatta went to see him before flying out to Saudi Arabia last Sunday. 

Robust health

Although Moi has enjoyed robust health, he has lately developed problems that saw him seek treatment in Tel Aviv, Israel last year.

Yesterday, speculation was rife about the former president’s health, with some online bloggers claiming that he was in a critical condition as others claimed that the family was planning to fly him out of the country.

But other unconfirmed sources indicated that Moi’s health had drastically improved and was scheduled to be discharged from the hospital any time.

Although information regarding his condition remained scanty, sources within his circles maintained that the 95-year-old was out of danger.

Sources said security had been heightened in the private ward, the North Wing, that the ex-president was admitted to  with only family members being let in.

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