Failing to register as voters will render you politically irrelevant- youths told

Friday, October 8th, 2021 00:00 |

Young scholars have been warned against failing to register as voters as such a move may render them politically irrelevant for the next five years.
Zetech University Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene told youths studying at the private institution to take advantage of the massive voter registration exercise to be politically countable and to participate in the country’s decision making.
Speaking when he addressed students’ leaders in a forum where youth leadership was discussed, the VC reiterated that most youths may continue to poke holes in the existing governments if they don’t play their role of electing dignified and credible leaders who are committed to helping thrive in the society.

Prof Munene called upon the youth in the society to be at the forefront in cultivating good virtues in the society saying that youths have been used for many years to cause violence in society.
While maintaining that youths are the majority in the society, the educationist cautioned them against waiting to be given leadership opportunities and instead grab them.
At the same time, Munene regretted that politicians have been abusing the value of most youths by giving them Sh 200 as handouts which translates to 0.11cents per day in their five-year tenure.
“Getting 200 bob from a politician is an insult because it means you are worth 0.11 cents per day for the 60 months they will be in office,” he said.
He further urged them to embrace the values of integrity, accountability, professionalism, teamwork, innovation, transparency and commitment to excellence.

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