Expressway through Uhuru Park angers netizens

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 13:47 |

On this exact month, 30 years later in 1989, Prof Wangari Mathai learned of a plan to construct a 60-storey complex at Uhuru Park that was intended to house government offices among others. 

Kenyan netizens are livid following the news of the proposed express Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) highway.

The highway is expected to tear through Uhuru Park 30 years after Prof. Wagari put her life on the line for the very same park.

The Green Belt Movement founder in 1989 highhandedly started the fight for Uhuru Park when the then regime led by former president Daniel Moi proposed the complex in the park.

Prof Wangari wrote letters to offices world over and pleaded to have the construction of the complex stopped.

The learned mind was branded even a way-ward woman by the then government for standing up to members of parliament and ridiculed as having insects in her head.

She saw more than just a park.

Wangari Mathai longed to have grandchildren of this nation enjoy the park amidst Nairobi’s concrete jungle and now, 30 years later, under President Uhuru, the government intends to construct an express highway to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport that will have commuters pay to use.

Using the hashtag #HandsOffUhuru, @HatariFire tweeted saying: ‘Keep pushing us to the wall. Most Kenyans are extremely bitter with your stupid projects, high cost of living, high unemployment rate, high cost of doing business, overtaxation etc. Hong Kong style will hit you very soon. #HandsOffUhuruPark."

The proposed highway has not gone down well with Kenyans with others smelling a rat.

“This is just another ploy to look money and rip us off like they did with the SGR that is yet to benefit us. The plunder radar is indeed on the raise,” he tweeted.

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