Experts conduct inspection of collapsed Nyamira building as three injured workers receive treatment

Sunday, May 30th, 2021 13:07 |

Nyamira residents will have to wait longer to get the report on the cause of the collapsing of the County Assembly building that was under construction.

Yesterday, a multi-agency team led by players in the building construction and safety industry converged at the County Assembly for a physical inspection of the House which caved in Thursday evening, injuring eight people.

Three of the eight were critically injured and were receiving treatment at various facilities where they were admitted to while five others were treated with minor injuries and released to go home Friday morning.

According to the County Commissioner Amos Mariba, three people who were critically injured suffered fractured limbs, ribs, neck and general body injuries.

"They are admitted to various facilities where specialized medical imaging will determine the kind of treatment they will receive," Mariba said after declaring the site of the building unsafe for any further works.

The National bodies that gathered at the site of the collapsed building included officials from the Engineers Board of Kenya, the National Construction Authority, the National Building Inspectorate and the National Disaster Management Unit.

Mourice Oketch who is the NCA Chief Executive said the building in question had no many structural queries but maintained that the report on the possible cause of the collapse will be available soon.

"For now, we can only say the multi-agency team you see here will have to work together from today as we start seeking answers to the incident. How fast the report will be made public will depend on how cooperative the various stakeholders working on it will be," Oketch said.

The NBI Secretary Samuel Charagu noted that over 850 buildings distributed across some select counties across the country were unsafe.

Nairobi was among those counties with the highest number of unsafe houses at a high of 500 plus of the marked.

"We are moving in as a multi agency team to ensure safety of our buildings is guaranteed," Charagu said.

The County Occupational Safety and Health Directorate poked misdoings by the implementers of the project after it said there was no measures in place at the construction site to guard against any possible dangers.

The site, for instance was said to be unsafe after the body's director Kennedy Aroko noted that the site did not have a safety specialist or even measures.

"The construction site never did any of the requirement for occupational safety which include recruiting an occupational and safety health specialist or even notifying the directorate on the project implementation," Aroko said.

During the Thursday incident, there were over 51 workers at the construction site who were not donning safety gears or did not adhere to safety standards.

Part of the slab of the fourth floor of the six-storey building that included the pillar of the main entrance collapsed, trapping three people with others suffering minor injuries.

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