Expert: Locust invasion in Wajir county could cause hunger

Thursday, January 9th, 2020 00:00 |
Busia Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi.

Henry Andanje

Kenya risks experiencing hunger if the current locusts invasion in Wajir county is not controlled from spreading to other parts of the county, Busia Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi has said.

He said the species of locusts in Wajir should be controlled from spreading further because they are the most dangerous in the world and will end up causing havoc to the environment.

Mulomi who is an agriculture expert and also a scientist, said the national government should support Desert Locust Control Organisation in East Africa and relevant agencies to curb the pests from spreading further.

Cause hunger

The Deputy Governor said Kenya was last invaded by locusts in 2007 causing hunger in the country.

A similar incident was experienced in 1923 when red locusts, which had invaded Southern Africa, ended up in Kenya.

Speaking to the press in Busia, Mulomi said locusts in Wajir county can only be wiped out through aerial spraying using aeroplanes but not by using tear gas or shooting them with bullets.

Mulomi said animals will also suffer if the pests will not be controlled because locusts will destroy tress, vegetables, sugarcane  and even grass.

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