Ex-police shot dead in Gilgil military barracks – OCPD confirms

Thursday, May 13th, 2021 19:02 |
Ex-police officer
Crime Scene

An ex-police officer was on the night of Wednesday, May 12 shot dead at Gilgil military barracks during a botched robbery attempt.

Confirming the incident, Gilgil OCPD John Ondit said Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) officers manning the 5KA barracks near the town gunned down the officer and managed to arrest his accomplice who vandalizing signposts.

According to police statement, the three suspects were vandalizing the signposts in the barracks when the KDF officers caught up with them before they managed to escape using a motorcycle.

The officers shot several times in the air but the suspects ignored this leading to a chase around the barracks that is located near the NYS training school.

The Gilgil OCPD said that the three were challenged to stop but defied orders from the KDF officers.

He noted that cases of vandalism targeting sign posts had become the norm in and around the town located off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

"The officers first shot in the air but the suspects defied this and in the process the ex-police officer was shot dead and one of his accomplices arrested and another escaped," he said.

He said that the deceased was a former police officer who was sacked due to indiscipline before turning into crime.

“We have been getting cases of vandalism daily and we suspect that the trio together with some metal scrap dealers are involved in this illegal trade,” he said.

Meanwhile, four people were injured, two of them seriously following a grisly road accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The accident near Gilgil weighbridge involved two personal cars that rammed head on into each other leaving the four nursing severe injuries.

One of the personal cars that was headed to Gilgil was overtaking a fleet of trucks when it rammed into an incoming car during the midday incident.

The OCPD confirmed the incident, adding that the injured were admitted in Gilgil sub-county hospital while the wrecks had been towed to the area police station.

“The accident involved two personal cars which were extensively damaged and the four occupants are undergoing treatment in hospital,” said Ondit.

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