Ex-city police boss’ bribery sentence upheld

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 06:44 |
Former Kabete DCIO Henry Njeru Photo/Courtesy

The High Court has upheld the conviction and sentencing of former Kabete DCIO Henry Njeru, who was found guilty of soliciting a Sh50,000 bribe.
Anti-Corruption High Court Judge Esther Maina, while upholding the sentence, ruled that the prosecution tendered credible evidence.

The lower court had sentenced Njeru to serve one year in jail or pay a Sh500,000 fine after Trial Magistrate noted that prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt that the officer had received the said amount from Wachaga Kamau in 2010. Bribe was meant to be a ‘facilitation’ fee so as to release a camera the DCIO had seized from the victim.

He appealed the sentence, arguing that the offence of bribery was alleged to have been committed before the coming into effect of the Bribery Act. He contended that the trial court rejected the charge as originally drafted but upon filing a revision, the High Court directed that the charge sheet be drafted to cater for the repealed section 39 of the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act.

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