Ex-army boss: President was Africa’s peacemaker

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 00:00 |
Retired Lieutenant General in the Kenya Army Daniel Opande.

Winstone Chiseremi @Wchiseremi

Daniel arap Moi will be remembered as a dedicated peacemaker. These are the words of retired Lieutenant General in the Kenya Army Daniel Opande as he eulogised the former President who passed on yesterday.

Speaking to People Daily at his Chepkoilel home in the outskirts of Eldoret town, Opande who worked and interacted with the former President for more than four decades, described him as a down-to-earth man who was also a good listener.

Moi Foundation

Opande, who served as vice Chief of General Staff, said Moi was in the forefront in sending Kenyan soldiers to peace-keeping mission in troubled African countries.

“Due to his passion for peace not only in the country but the continent, the former President established the Moi Foundation that was dedicated to fostering peace in countries in civil strife,” said Opande, who led several peace-keeping assignments during Moi’s reign.

At the same time, Francis Mutwol who served in the Moi government as an assistant minister, described the former president as a man with a loving and caring heart.

The former Marakwet West MP said Moi contributed greatly towards uplifting the lives of local residents.

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