European coaches on talent search identify seven players

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 00:00 |
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1. Sheila Kwamboka

Irresistibly the captain of this club, Sheila is one of the most charismatic and confident human beings around.

The radio and TV personality and event organiser gleefully expresses herself without fear, especially in public.

Her careless yet careful approach to life is admirable as she encourages girls to be comfortable in their skin regardless of society’s dogma on what women should embody.

She is not one to put down and her persona is capable of lighting up any room. In all considerations, she can beat your boyfriend at his own ‘dress’ game.

2. Makena Njeri

The journalist-producer was in the limelight recently over an alleged scandalous affair with Marini Naturals founder Michelle Ntalami, which raised all kinds of questions on her sexuality.

However, she undeniably has one of the best drives in her field known for producing quality content.

Just by diving into her Instagram page, one immerses themselves into a lake full of inspiration, especially with her stylish man-like dresscode.

Makena Njeri

3. Mr Eve

The self-proclaimed Androgynous being is tattooed on the sleeves, physically fit, dreaded like a Rasta, and glowed up to the teeth with a money smile to accompany in almost her every appearance.

Known as a Kenyan version of American bisexual rapper Young MA, her cult-like online following, especially from her female counterparts swarms to her profile whenever she posts just to show unfiltered appreciation for her.

Notably cherished for her comical personality blended with her highly esteemed dapper official style, fans can hardly get enough of her.

She can be caught dead donning blazers, ties, biker jackets, and this could be the first key to fast swoon your girlfriend.

4. Fena Gitu

One of Kenya’s finest musicians is always in the public eye not only for her extraordinary music, but also controversies, especially surrounding her sex life. As a public figure, it’s hard not to notice her.

She packs a sweet voice in her resume, a vibrant spirit and drives a number of fans delirious with her fearless antics. Her sexuality street gossip though doesn’t hinder her from giving her supporters beautiful music.

Rarely does she spot dresses and her style is always leaning more towards a masculine tone, but she does it so fashionably only a hater would be mad at it. 

5. Rapper Njeri

She blazed the scenes in 2016 with hard-hitting tracks, but the one that elevated her reputation to higher levels was Kumerera the dis track.

A wider opinion was that she was hitting back to fellow female rapper and Kaka Empire’s Femi One, following the latter’s dis track directed on her titled Pilau Njeri.

That apart, Njeri is such an elegant dresser that she can easily put your man to shame!   

Rapper Njeri

6. Chelsea Van Carter

She is a Kenyan deejay with her own unisex fashion line called EGAL. The captain of the cool kids has been on the decks for a decent period of time and her gallant skills allow her to penetrate the industry playing at lavish parties in and out of the country.

Even so, her regal non-feminine aesthetic seems to make chicks hooked to her like a magnet.

Always in a pair of high-end sneakers such as Adidas Yeezy’s with a pair of tracksuits to match, or a big hood jacket from a known street wear brand, she does not waste time in trying to look girly with make-up like majority of females do.

She packs some of the coolest dreadlocks and boyish attitudes that make her nonchalantly more seductive to many girls in Nairobi and beyond.  

7. Samantha Mugatsia aka Nostalone

The Rafiki movie main actress is a cool and collected individual. The part-time comedian who blossoms on set has one of the most-bubbly characters and possesses a selective choice of her image.

Ranging from her infamous short hair, she overrules the overrated idea of having long hair, which is a stereotyped female trait. For a tomboy, she is quite charming, let alone fashionable.

Jay Muigai aka Skinnyfilmmaker

8. Jay Muigai aka Skinnyfilmmaker

The lanky video director to visuals such as Muthoni Drummer Queen’s Suzie Noma is one of the coolest people walking the Nairobi streets.

Dresses are nonexistent in her wardrobe as she steps out defiantly to society’s expectations of what a girl should be dressed like.

Some call it ignorance, others arrogant, best believe though it shouldn’t be disguised as anything short of confidence.

9. Steph Mumbi aka Sevani

The often-regarded ‘introvert’ can be mistaken for that because of her more reserved public nature. She is a singer-songwriter and video director with a razorblade-sharp vision that will likely be in full effect in the near future.

Having performed at Africa Nouveau Festival earlier this year, the world was introduced to a natural superstar who conveys no desire to fit into social norms with her radical attitude, sense of style, and refreshing mien from her short hair, to her sizzling raps mixed with lush vocals that touch on the subjects such as youth, love, and the party life of Nairobi.

 10. Msupa S

Gaining fame and stardom off her 2018’s collaboration jam dubbed Watajua Hawajui featuring the bad boy of Kenyan rap Khaligraph Jones, Msupa S is conspicuously low profile.

But her phenomenon rise to fame will never be forgotten, thanks to that legendary moment she managed to create.

She is still a sweetheart to many Kenyans in general, as well as to her full-blown boyish style. She knows just how to rock those ‘gangsta’ snapbacks!

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