Equity CEO secures 2020 ‘Nobel Prize for Business’

Thursday, September 10th, 2020 00:00 |
Equity Group managing director James Mwangi. Photo/PD/File

Barry Silah @Obel_barry

Equity Group Managing Director and CEO Dr James Mwangi has been honoured with the prestigious 2020 Oslo Business for Peace Award which is also described as the “Nobel Prize for Business.”

The Award is conferred annually to exceptional individuals who exemplify their outstanding “business worthy” initiatives ethically by creating economic and societal value. 

It is the highest global distinction given to a business leader to celebrate their efforts at promoting peace and prosperity for the greater good of society through their everyday business activities.

It was founded to provide the Honourees with a platform to share their business wisdom with the world and to help other leaders to understand how ethical and responsible business can contribute to building trust, stability and peace.

It also seeks to promote the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal 8: helping to achieve sustained, sustainable and inclusive growth and decent work for all.

Per Saxegaard, founder of the Oslo Business for Peace Award said  Mwangi received the Award for his business worthy values in championing financial inclusion for all in East and Central Africa. 

“Dr Mwangi helped achieve a social revolution by bringing banking services to people who previously had limited access to them, bolstering Kenya’s GD,” he added.. 

He described Mwangi as an exceptional entrepreneur and humanitarian, adding” The Committee sees him as a shining example of how business leaders can accelerate change and help solve the world’s problems.” 

Various complexities

“In a world of various complexities such as globalisation, polarisation and environmental struggles, this year’s honourees have led by using business as a tool for change.

They are role models to society and their peers, have earned stakeholders’ trust, and stand out as advocates,” added Per Saxegaard, founder of the Oslo Business for Peace Award.

Mwangi dedicated the award to staff and to customers who have continuously inspired the group by trusting and believing in its common purpose and dream, that together they can solve problems by seeking innovative solutions anchored on shared value and prosperity. 

“By walking with us, they have demonstrated resilience in pursuing their dreams and have emerged winners by improving their lives and livelihoods and bringing joy and happiness to their families and communities,” he said.

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