Endebes residents defend their MP against accusations of party disloyalty

Saturday, June 6th, 2020 20:23 |
Residents of Endebes speaking to the media in support of area MP Dr Robert Pukose who's has been threatened of being purged from the Vice chairmanship of the energy committee in the National Assembly

 By David Musundi

Supporters of Endebes  Member of Parliament(MP) Robert Pukose Saturday came to the defense of their leader against accusations saying his removal from the vice chairmanship of the energy committee of the National Assembly was inconsequential.

They told their MP to ignore the summons requiring him to show cause why he should not be removed from the committee, saying that intimidations and cheap threats were bound to fail. 

Led by Stephen Trikoi, the constituents said it was very wrong for people who think they are more loyal to the president than others to target Dr. Pukose simply because of his closeness with Deputy President William Ruto. 

"Let's be honest with each other and ask ourselves if  President Kenyatta would have gotten the support of his native  Mt Kenya support in the 2017 elections had he sought votes together with ODM leader Raila Odinga. It's only because of William Ruto that he is in state house",  he said.

Trikoi reminded the President that had  Ruto had played the biggest role that helped Jubilee party to form the government which is now fighting him.  

“Ruto went round the country together with Uhuru  looking for votes, he didn't tell us that Ruto was evil. Why has he now embarked on the remove Ruto campaign in favour of the handshake?” he asked.

Trans Nzoia County jubilee chairman Richard Chesebe said there was no valid reason why the MP was being threatened.

"The hyena told the stone that even if you keep quiet you have heard. I'm reminding those people fighting my brother Pukose and others who are in support of the DP that the very double-edged sword they have drawn against us will backfire sevenfold against them ", he said. 

Chesebe said the evil scheme that started in  the Senate  has moved  to the National Assembly and will be extended to the cabinet down the middle to parastatals to remove supporters of the DP. 

 Youth leader Amos Kirong challenged those threatening to remove the MP from his committee to go ahead, saying the MP would serve his constituents better than serving thankless people with no respect.

He said the problem in the party was caused by ODM leader Raila Odinga whose mission of demolishing Jubilee has been achieved. 

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