Endebes residents decry rise in insecurity

Monday, May 25th, 2020 18:52 |

By David Musundi

Residents of Khalwenge  in Endebes  Constituency, Trans Nzoia  County are living in fear following the rise in insecurity which has left more than five  people lose their livestock and valuables in a span of three  months.

According to Mzee John Sanyanda who has lived in Khalwenge for 33 years , the area  has been known to be a quiet, cool place where people go about their daily activities without being disturbed. 

Angry residents, who spoke to the People Daily, said that the  thugs perpetrating daylight robberies, muggings, theft of livestock are known members of a criminal gang known as 17 Brothers.

A resident Godfrey Ingaraba Wanjala whose 11 iron sheets, a pair of mistress, and a jembe said nine suspects who robbed him had returned to cause revenge against him and his family after they were arrested and reported under OB/18/18/20 at Endebes Police station. 

Nyumba kumi initiative leader John Simiyu asked police to decisively deal with and bring to an end the gang which is boasting of enjoying protection from a section of security officials.

Endebes OCPD Selasio Njiru refuted the claims saying the recent series of robberies witnessed in the area may not be closely related although possibilities of the gang terrorizing members of the public cannot be dismissed.

The OCPD said police suspects in the robbery of iron sheets had been bonded and will be charged in court after police record statements from witnesses. 

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