Embu woman beats her househelp, kicks her out at night for being arrested by police

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 14:55 |
Betina Nansubuga who was beaten up by her employer in Embu for being arrested by police

A section of residents near Embu town on Tuesday condemned one of their neighbours for beating up her Ugandan house girl and wanting to kick her out at night because she was arrested by police and arrived home late.


The angry residents confronted the neighbour, demanding for the rights of the house girl. They accused the woman of infringing her employment and basic rights.

The house girl, Betina Nansubuga said her employer beat her for returning to the house late on Monday. The employer and her son also tried to kick her out at night despite the curfew rules.

"I was arrested by police yesterday for not having a face mask and they took me to the station. I was released at night, and when I went home, my boss started beating me," said aggrieved Betina.

The house girl also accused her employer of illegally withholding her three months pay which has constrained her efforts to renew her residence permit in Kenya.

"When I asked for my pay, they refused to pay me yet I wanted to renew my permit. They said I am a thief," added Betina.

When forced to leave the house, Betina refused to leave the house without her full pay.

One of the residents said she heard screams in neighbours house at night and mobilised more people.

"I could hear screams coming from the neighbours house at night. I gathered a few more women and we screamed together," said one of the neighbours.

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