Embattled Garissa governor Ali Korane in court to answer Ksh233 million corruption charges

Monday, June 7th, 2021 10:38 |
Garissa Governor Ali Korane
Garissa Governor Ali Korane

Embattled Garissa Governor Ali Korane is already at Milimani Law Courts for his Ksh233 million corruption case.

The corruption case against Korane and his co-accused Ibrahim Malow Nur, Mohamed Ahmed Abdullahi, Abdi Shale and Ahmed Abdullahi Aden is scheduled to kick off for hearing any moment.

The first witness is expected to testify against the embattled Governor and his co-accused over embezzlement of Garissa County Government funds today.

Prosecution through Mercy Gateru has lined up several witnesses and over 3000 evidence documents to prove the case against the accused persons.

In the corruption case, Korane is charged together with four county officials with eight counts of conspiracy to commit an economic crime, failure to comply with procurement law relating to management of public funds and misappropriation of public funds.

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