Ekuru Aukot suspended over assault claims on his deputy

Thursday, August 27th, 2020 00:00 |
Dr Ekuru Aukot.

The storm facing political parties in the country yesterday gathered and settled at the Thirdway Alliance’s headquarters in Lavington, Nairobi. 

A hurriedly assembled National Executive Council (NEC) meeting resolved to indefinitely suspend its party leader Dr Ekuru Aukot.

It was akin to the hunter becoming the hunted when the party Secretary General Fred Okang’o, whom he suspended earlier this year, led Aukot’s suspension. 

During the chaotic meeting, Okang’o  said the suspension was hinged on three alleged offences, among them, verbal assault on his deputy, Dr Angela Mwikali among others.

The party also accuses Aukot of financial impropriety, self-enrichment, non-accountability and lack of transparency.

In suspending Aukot from the outfit he helped establish five years ago, NEC considered complaints raised against him by party members.

 “Today, in the public notice dated 26, 2020, Thirdway Alliance Kenya has suspended its party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot.

The National Executive Council (NEC), held the meeting at party headquarters 57 Chalbi Drive, Lavington, and made a resolution to suspend him following complaints by party members,” Okang’o told journalists. 

However, he made the announcements against the wishes of two members of the party present, Organising Secretary Andrew Ilere and Stanley Loter.

Dr Aukot remains suspended pending a disciplinary process in the next 14 days as stipulated in Article 14 (1) of the Political Parties Act 2011.

In his place, NEC, consisting 9 of its 13 members, unanimously endorsed Dr Mwikali to take charge of the Party.

Party leader, who was further ordered unanimously by the NEC not to step at the party’s headquarters, was also suspended allegedly for defying a court order on children case No. 1591 of  2019, which violates chapter Six of the Constitution.

“As much as this is a personal matter that we don’t want to venture into, it violates Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

The NEC also considers this an embarrassment to the party, and soils its good name,” he added.

Mr Aukot has been suspended indefinitely and has been barred from conducting business on behalf of the party.

Fatherly duties

With this, Okang’o said, Dr Aukot shall not represent or transact any business on behalf of the party pending determination of the matter by a three-member disciplinary committee.

In August 2020, Aukot was dragged to court over alleged failure to provide for a son he is said to have sired.

A woman identified as Beatrice Kikunga moved to court accusing him of abandoning his fatherly duties.

She claimed that they co-habited between 2011 and 2018. They were blessed with a child in 2017.

“We co-habited since 2011 and were blessed with the child in August 2017. Our relationship was okay until early 2018 when Dr Aukot deserted us and has refused to take responsibility for the minor while knowing very well that the child needs basic necessities,” she said.

  Kikunga instituted the suit in February when Senior Resident Magistrate HM Mbatia ordered that she and Aukot go for a DNA test on March 13.

The former presidential aspirant did not show up in court. However, Kikunga demanded that he pays Sh105, 000 per month in child support.

Earlier this year, Mwikali and Aukot had an altercation over the suspension of Okang’o, which led to a bitter fall out.

“Your vote is and was inconsequential. We are past SG. Bring your brains to the meeting on Monday and let’s hear what brainy things you will say, assuming that you will be in the right mental state,” an email from Aukot read.

Mwikali accused the party leader of “using and calling women names” further urging him to stop the “use and dump mentality.”

To this, the party leader responded: “Only a fool can even attempt to use someone like you. Stick to your league of small boys. You display no brains at all.”

In February, Mwikali Phelister Wakesho and Hilda Nduta sued the party leader demanding to find out the source of funds used to popularise the Punguza Mizigo initiative.

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