Dumbest thief steals TV at police station

Friday, February 28th, 2020 13:42 |

Lets get this right: if you have to steal, I reiterate, have to, then don’t get caught and for crying out loud, never steal at a police station unless you are flirting with instant death.

But one  man, whom media christened as Nairobi’s dumbest thief did exactly that four years ago in Nairobi. One Sunday morning his own feet led him to Shauri Moyo Police Station where he stole a 55 inches TV.

But his lady luck was absent as hawk-eyed plain clothes police officers spotted the suspect who was with an accomplice sneaking out of the police station compound with the TV. 

When the suspects were ordered to surrender, one of them drew a pistol and shot at the police. In the ensuing shootout, the suspect was killed as the accomplice escaped.

The 55-inch TV and a homemade gun were recovered at the scene where the suspect only identified as Njoro was shot.

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