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Drive to get pregnant girls in class laudable

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 00:00 |

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The drive by government to ensure all learners return to class is noble and should be supported by all.

Resumption of learning is certain to be a delightful moment for the youngsters who have been locked out of class for almost a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most of them will be grappling with the reality that they had not transitioned to the next stage and will carry into the future stories around the bewildering experience of learning amid a health crisis.

Tough protocols have been put in place to ensure the safety of learners and prevent spread of coronavirus.

Parents, teachers and government agencies are holding breath hoping schools will not be an avenue for further spread of the virus.

For a society that values education as the pathway to success and a decent life, there should be a collective sigh of relief that learners are back in class acquiring knowledge and skills that would enable them to become useful citizens in future.  

The government has declared that parents, teachers and members of the provincial administration mop up all learners back to school and pronounced punishment for those who will stand in the way of the campaign.

Administrators are under strict instructions to round up learners in their areas of jurisdiction and ensure they are taken to school.

We are, however, concerned it takes such aggressive action by the government for parents to release their children to school.

It is the primary responsibility of parents to educate their children. We are aware a number of guardians may not be in a position to raise school fees due to disruptions occasioned by the pandemic that spanned about 10 months and still counting. 

To this end we expect school authorities to come up with mechanisms to accommodate such situations as decreed by the Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha.

It is unfortunate that as a result of the prolonged holiday, thousands of schoolgirls are returning to class either pregnant or having recently given birth.

This will be a disturbing experience for the youngsters who would probably find it difficult to interact with colleagues. 

We urge schools to come up with measures to support this special and delicate group to sustain their self-esteem and focus on education. 

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