DP Ruto failing JP agenda, says Raila

Friday, February 5th, 2021 00:00 |
Deputy President William Ruto. Photo/DPPS

Hillary Mageka @hillarymageka

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga said yesterday that his criticism over the ruling Jubilee Party’s  unfulfilled election pledges is not aimed at President Uhuru Kenyatta but his deputy William Ruto.

Raila, who has sustained an onslaught on JP unmet 2017 election pledges hit out at Ruto, questioning his credibility in light of the failed promises and propagating the ‘’Hustler’’ narrative.

Raila said he did not have anything personal against Ruto, but was only rebuking him over what he termed as “bad manners and lies” he accused him of peddling at every public function.

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) chief was speaking to Inooro FM, Inooro TV and Spice FM during an interview that covered a wide range of issues, including the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), referendum and 2022 politics.

He demanded that Ruto takes responsibility for the unfulfilled pledges, including the construction of sports stadia, creation of one million jobs annually, free laptops for Standard One pupils and transforming the country’s economy into a digital one.

“I have no problem with the Deputy President as a person, but I have a problem with his bad manners and lies; in every public function he says what he does not mean; as you remember, in 2013 and 2017 it was him leading the Jubilee election campaigns, he promised Kenyans lots of goodies that once they assume office,” Raila said.

“They branded me and my team as analogue, that they were digital. Those kids who were promised laptops will be sitting their national exams. Where are the laptops,?” posed Raila.

A million jobs

He went on: “They also said Jubilee administration will create a million jobs annually to reduce unemployment in the country.

By now, we should have eight million jobs, but he has forgotten what he promised and now selling the wheelbarrow and mkokoteni narrative. Mr DP, where are the one million jobs?” Raila asked, saying Ruto is taking Kenyans for a ride.

He said the DP was hoodwinking Kenyans with empty promises after failing to deliver on earlier ones.

Orange party leader  accused the DP of hypocrisy for blaming them for failures of the Jubilee government, insisting that ODM was still in the opposition.

He also dismissed Ruto’s contention that BBI and Handshake had prevented the Jubilee government from achieving their goals.

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