DP Ruto and his team should step down now, not April or March

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 00:00 |


That the Jubilee party, as the country knew it in 2017, is no more is not in doubt any more. The final pretense to a party was thrown away on Monday when two separate parliamentary group meetings were held within 24 hours, to prepare the agenda for the House that resumed on Tuesday. When two entities meet separately to plan for a battle against each other on the same battleground, it is a declaration of war and it is insincere to continue sharing even a name.  

On Monday afternoon, Deputy President William Ruto held a parliamentary group meeting of his wing of what was the Jubilee party ahead of the resumption of Parliament, only to be checkmated by President Uhuru Kenyatta, the leader of another wing a few hours later. 

The Head of State, in his capacity as the Jubilee Party leader, called a Senate PG meeting at a time when six senators loyal to the rebel group led by his deputy had been expelled from the party and the Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata axed.

Ruto invited 139 Members of Parliament to his Nairobi Karen office, to plan their strategy in the House on the BBI and ‘Hustler Nation’ agenda.

Some MPs are said to have signed letters instructing the clerks of the National Assembly and Senate to re-channel their monthly subscription from Jubilee Party to United Democratic Alliance. The MPs unanimously agreed that they would be voting as UDA in both Houses and prioritise legislation and policies which will support their agenda, adding that “We do not have to wait until August next year when we are elected to the government before acting, we have begun now”.

The leaders agreed to mobilise supporters and officials in Jubilee Party to resign en masse and register with UDA ahead of the party elections in April and open offices in the constituencies. They also dared Lugari MP Ayub Savula to table a Motion impeach the DP in the House.

Essentially, the Deputy President of the country has declared political, administrative and legal war against the President with whom he was elected. The 139 Members of Parliament will going to the House every day for the remaining part of the electoral term to oppose whatever motion, law and policy the President wants passed so he can run the country effectively.

This is neither normal nor okay. It is certainly not in good faith on the part of the DP and his team. It is tantamount to having their cakes and eating them and this should not be encouraged, especially for those being paid by the public to facilitate good governance.

If the Tangatanga group honestly feels that it would be better off out of the ruling party, it should save the country the drama and just resign “en masse” now. Why wait for another year?

Vowing to start pushing for policies and legislation that support another party other that on which they were elected means the DP and his team conned the voters and their continued earning salaries is actually perpetuating obtaining money under false pretenses. It is illegal and criminal. That they are withdrawing their financial obligations to a party that got them into the offices they occupy is pure conmanship that must be stopped now.

We need to inculcate a sence of honesty and fidelity to the law and morality in the present and future generations. One way to achieve is to have leaders who say what they mean and mean what they say. And to live by his adage of kusema na kutenda (doing what one says), the Deputy President and his men and women should leave Jubilee and its associated offices formally now. Anything short of that is dishonesty.

Mr Mureu comments on socio-political issues. [email protected]

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