DP Ruto accuses Raila of disrupting Jubilee unity

Friday, February 5th, 2021 00:00 |
Deputy President William Ruto join in dance when he opened Mwangulu Police Station and Mwereni Chief’s office at Lunga Lunga constutuency, Kwale county. Photo/DPPS

Deputy President (DP) William Ruto yesterday took his “wheelbarrow” narrative to the Coast, where he likened it to the government sponsored Kazi Mtaani project.

The DP who took a swipe at ODM leader Raila Odinga accused his critics of disparaging his hustler campaign, despite the fact that workers in the Kazi Mtaani project use similar tools.

“Kazi Mtaani is a government sponsored project. The youths in the programme  use the same tools including wheelbarrows,” he said.

Speaking yesterday during a public rally in Lungalunga constituency, Kwale county, the DP accused Raila of ill-motive of disrupting his (Ruto) unity with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“That thing you call the Handshake was not done with good intentions. He just wanted to disrupt our unity, so that we cannot fulfil the agenda we had set in Jubilee, that man is wicked,” Ruto said. 

Ruto however warned political leaders from criticising his wheelbarrow narrative yet they also use umbrellas, cocks and oranges in their narratives too.

 “Why is it that you have to criticise whatever I decide to use. Why don’t you focus on your stuffs, you have cocks, oranges and umbrellas as your symbols and am not bothered by them,” he said.

 The host MP Khatib Mwashetani also said that they will support Ruto’s presidential bid and will never be bothered with the other leaders criticisms against the DP. 

“I urge the people of Kwale to fully support the DP. Let us all sail in his boat rather than Raila whom we have supported for over 20 years and we have not seen anything new to the coastal people,” Mwashetani said.

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